Osteoarthritis and Spinal Arthritis

Osteoarthritis and Spinal ArthritisCauses & Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the cartilage and bones of joints caused by “wear-and-tear” and results in friction between adjacent vertebrae. The friction causes a strain as well as a loss of motion in the facets (gliding joints) of the spine.  A common cause of spinal arthritis is repetitive trauma to the spine caused by accidents, surgery, sports injuries, poor posture, or work-related activities.  Typical symptoms of osteoarthritis include: stiffness and pain in the joints (particularly in the morning and evening), localized tenderness, loss of flexibility of a joint, abnormal curve in the spine, a pinching or tingling sensation in the spinal cord and swelling of the joints.


While Chiropractic cannot halt the process of osteoarthritis, Dr. Begg can help improve the quality of your life while living with the disease. During your visit at SOS Chiropractic, we will perform a physical exam to observe your posture, range of motion, physical condition and noting the spine’s curvature and alignment.  Your treatment may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy and stretching and strengthening exercises.  Dr. Begg can also recommend natural, drug-free ways to control your pain and discomfort.

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