Disc problems, Herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped disc, etc.

Disc problems, Herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped disc, etc.Causes & Symptoms

Spinal discs are round cartilage pads that are attached on the top and bottom of the vertebrae.  The discs serve as shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae and are constantly subjected to the pull of gravity and the torque from everyday movement.  The many stresses sustained by the spine that cause disc problems could be the result of genetics, the normal “wear and tear” of aging or injury.  These stresses can lead to lower back pain, leg pain as well as other symptoms such as numbness and weakness. The alignment, or misalignment, of the spine greatly affects disc function.  A subluxation or structural imbalance can force a disc to bulge, protrude, or herniate, which then can result in contact with the nerves and cause pain.


At SOS Chiropractic, we see spinal disc problems frequently. The way spinal issues are treated is by realigning the vertebrae and returning the spine to its normal range of motion.  This realignment reduces the pressure on the discs and spinal joints. Because core stabilization is essential for prevention of subsequent disc problems, we incorporate physical therapy and strengthening exercises for the back and abdominal muscles.

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